It’s pretty simple.

People always ask, what makes them a writer? A “real” writer? What justifies them claiming to be a writer? But it’s pretty simple.

You’re a writer if you write.

That’s it.

Ask yourself the question: Do I write? If yes, then I’m a writer.

Publishing sometimes happens but it’s rarely…

Route #37, climbing by headlamp after we ran out of daylight.

We went for the bouldering record at Sisters Boulders in Oregon, National Grasslands, on Friday, June 9th (46 problems in one day), and we SUFFERED…our goal was 50.

I teamed up with Phil Morton because he’s an incredible climber, and I knew he would work hard. But it’s summer, and…

Pedro Hoffmeister

Author with Random House. TBI survivor who struggles. Poet. Climber. Former Writer-In-Residence of Joshua Tree National Park. Podcast: “Boring Is A Swear Word”

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