For People Struggling With The Writing Process…

Pedro Hoffmeister
2 min readFeb 18, 2022

You may be writing alone, but you’re not alone.

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Sometimes you don’t feel like writing. Or you have writer’s block. Or — even though you’re writing, you’re doing the process — it’s not going well. Maybe a scene isn’t coming together, your dialogue isn’t realistic, or you’re outlining and the plot seems too improbable.

Maybe you’ve published a book or a poem or a story in the past, and maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ve received a horrible book review. Or maybe you’re your own worst critic. Maybe you never get validated for making your art.

Being a creative person is difficult, and you have to be kind to yourself. If you’re still doing the process (setting aside time to write) that’s excellent in and of itself. So keep going. Keep sitting down in the chair each day. Keep typing or scribbling or scrawling, or whatever it is that you do

And if you’re struggling, that’s okay. Lots of other people are struggling too. You might write alone, but you’re definitely not the only person writing. We’re out there struggling alongside you. We’re out here failing at the same time you’re failing. And there’s some inspiration in that for me. I’m not the only person trying to do this difficult thing. I like my quiet writing time, but I’m not alone as a writer. There are others out there.

Also, for those of you in the midst of that struggle, here’s a great essay by the award-winning novelist Don Lee:

What’s The Point Of Writing If You’re Not Going To Succeed?



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